NZ Open GPS Project

Community developed auto-routing maps of New Zealand

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NZ Open GPS Project


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About The New Zealand Open GPS Maps Project

Synopsis: Free autorouting, street number searchable maps of New Zealand for Garmin mapping GPS. The street maps cover the whole of New Zealand with just about every road and street named in the country (except the Chatham Islands). These maps are free - do not pay for them - there are scumbag Trademe traders who sell them - they are ripping off our community by making money off our hard work.

Project: The New Zealand Open GPS Maps project is a collaborative community-driven project based around a forum. Users report issues or bugs and regional mappers pick up the reports and make changes to the source maps. Usually within a week a revised version of the map is available for download. The maps are compiled specifically for the Garmin GPS platform as it is one of the only GPS map formats that have 3rd party mapping tools available. We use Stan's fantastic cgpsmapper complier - both on line and off line.



History: The project initially started as a sideline project in 2004, and produced several mapsets. These are still available as the 'Legacy' maps. They are no longer maintained, but are useful for older GPS units with limited mapping memory. August 2006 saw the project take a new turn - with encouragement and help from several people we were able to get the maps autorouting. By December 2006 the maps were ready to release to the community. See the history thread on the forums for more detail. 17 October 2007 the project wins the New Zealand Open Source Awards - Software Project. An awesome result for the team!

Team: Behind the project exists a great team of dedicated regional mappers, keen users, and people interested in GPS mapping.

Map Data: The project is based around LINZ data, and added to by the regional mappers. New or changed roads are added via extracts from LINZ and / or GPS track logs.

LINZ data has been Sourced from the LINZ Data Service Topo50 and Electoral datasets and licensed by LINZ for re-use under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 New Zealand licence.

Some data may be sourced from, in those instances - Map data © OpenStreetMap contributors, CC BY-SA (Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike)


Other sources used include which is also under a CC BY-SA

The maps have a rich set of POI that is fed from the Zenbu project - another open source project. ESRI shape files can be extracted from the maps for use in other mapping applications. See the forum topic on extracting data for more details.

Open Source: The source files are available from

How can you help the project?

Giving bug reports and feedback - see the forum for more information

Correcting or adding POI - if you notice a local POI that has a '?' at the start of the description, get an accurate location with your GPS and correct it via Zenbu or add your own local POI to Zenbu - that way they are available for everyone to share and they will be included in the maps.

Help us add content like local parks and reserves - if they are not in the maps, use your GPS to survey the boundary lines or outline of the reserve - post the tracklog or waypoints into the appropriate map feedback section and they will be added to the maps. Likewise for paths and public access ways - record a good tracklog and post.

Spread the word about the project - plenty of people out there have out of date Garmin maps... we have the best map development community here - the likes of Garmin NZ City Navigator is lucky to get one update a year. Ours is weekly... in the example below, the new roundabout was added the same day it opened to traffic



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